From more than 30 years of experience in infectious diseases, we have generated a new vaccine model that will be capable of dealing with all possible mutations of the virus. The first prototypes have shown an ability to activate the immune system in animals and, in addition, our vaccine is preserved in very simple conditions (without the need to refrigerate at -90ºC), which allows the ability to be distributed worldwide.

The appearance of vaccines has been a turning point in the course of the COVID-19 disease that has allowed us to regain control of the pandemic, but we still do not know how long its effect lasts. From #YoMeCorono we are evaluating people’s immunity over time, data that will allow us to understand when we will no longer be protected, if immunity can cope with the new variants, and assess the need to revaccinate the population. So far, vaccines are very effective, but having all this information, especially from the most vulnerable groups – such as the elderly or those suffering from immune system related diseases – is essential to stay one step ahead of the virus and avoid new outbreaks.