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Solidarity Reward #YoMeCorono

This Camper, and all the experiences you want to live, can be yours by making a donation to our research. Today, your solidarity is rewarded!

Because of your help, we have been traveling on this path for more than a year and, although there is still much more to do, from #YoMeCorono we want to reward your solidarity. We want to thank and reward the people who know that only science will save us from this serious situation we are all experiencing worldwide. We can avoid another humanitarian crisis only if we continue to help advance scientific research. Everyone who makes their donation before or on October 23 will enter the Camper RAFFLE for free. The drawing will be held before a notary on October 24 at the Caravaning Hall. You can follow the live stream on Instagram by going to @yomecorono at 12:00 p.m. Make all the donations you want and continue participating! With this gesture, you will be contributing to the fight against COVID-19. This is not over and we need your support more than ever.

Camper Mercedes 407D

This Camper has been restored and completely renovated to circulate with the freedom that we have longed for this last year and a half. You can cook, sleep, and shower in it, use your built-in tablet with Spotify, internet, etc., and dream about the infinite destinations you want to visit. All roads and all trips are possible within this spacious Camper Van that has every service. All of them are brand new! Thanks to the help of our sponsors, we have created the most beautiful and adaptable mobile home of all time. This home is built with the passion and rebellion of the 80s combined with the youth and strength of the 21st century. If you haven’t made your donation yet, don’t wait any longer!

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Personal thanks

Anna Alsina, Jan Andreu, Albert Antonijoan, Marta Bach, Santi Balada, Jordi Barceló, Mar Barri, Iván Baz, Luís Martín, Gerard Batchilleria, Sergi Berta, Marion Biosca, Jordi Cadena, Sergi Costa, Ramon Clapers, Amparo Cuadrado, Gerard Espinosa, Javi González, Alex Huesa, Marta Fruns, Carles Laporta, Toni Làzaro, Marcos Lozano, Jose Martínez, Jose Mesones, Josep Maria Miret, Jose Manuel Martínez, Oriol Méndez, Carles Monjonell, Dani Monjonell, Francisco Manuel Palacios, Jose Payan, Cristina Planas, Miquel Puig, Jose Maria Romero, Carles Tejedor, Laura Tomàs, Xavier Torras, Sussanna Torrecilla, Sebastián Torres, Cristian Torres, Joan Tuñi, Víctor Santacreu, Nita Solla, Dror Shavit and Lluís Xicola.